Monday, February 25, 2008

Cameron's Brewing Co. New Coaster Campaign Launches

A new post by Mike Laba, of Cameron's Brewing Co., on the Ontario Craft Brewers Blog was published to let everyone know about their new Coaster Campaign which officially launched on February 1, 2008.

The new Cameron's coasters (available at pubs and bars serving Cameron's) doubles as a post card inviting patrons to add their mailing address and drop it in the mail. Cameron's will send you one of their new bottle openers. As the coasters arrive at the brewery they will be added to the ‘Great Wall of Coasters’ and those who have mailed back a coaster will earn themselves a discount on swag, a ticket for a Cameron’s event, or other items available at the brewery.

It certainly is a great idea and I'll be taking part in this for sure. I think Cameron's could take this a bit further though. For example, they could include a small stamp or code on the coasters which would tell them what bar or pub the coasters come from. They could also include a couple of other questions on the coaster such as which brand of Cameron's they drink most often or the person's age. This intelligence could help Cameron's with their marketing initiatives.

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