Friday, February 22, 2008

Steelback Brewery Making a Comeback?

New Steelback Brewery president Ian Macdonald is relaunching the Tiverton, Ont., brewery with a whole new look on May 1, 2008. MacDonald plans to relaunch the brewery with five beers, including the Steelback Dark, which won accolades (CC: Does that mean it won an actual award?) at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2007.

Important note for collectors: New bottles and packaging are also in the works.


Anonymous said...

I truly hope Steelback does make a successful comeback.
After the former owner, it sure can't do any worse!
At least this new guy has a strong beer background and understands the industry and the meaning of profitability.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...


This is true but lets hope they can actually start to turn out a good product as well as making some money.

Anonymous said...

I hope they make a comeback too. This new guy has a long history within the beer industry in Canada and Steelback did the best job at the Toronto Indy ever! The music, and big cans were a huge hit and their promotion was great too.