Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coors Light's New Can is Cold Certified

Coors Light will soon be introducing a new can with temperature technology included for free. This technology will be used to easily identify cans which have reached optimal drinking temperature.

"Our brewing tradition was born high in the Rockies so we brew Coors Light to be the coldest, most refreshing tasting beer you can find," said Denis Ferlatte, Coors Light Senior Brand Manager at Molson. "The Cold Certified Can gives Coors Light drinkers the signal that their beer is ice cold and ready to enjoy."

The Coors Light Cold Certified Can features proprietary temperature-sensitive thermal chromatic ink technology that turns the Coors Light Mountain Icon from white to blue when the beer has been chilled to four degrees Celsius or less. The Cold Certified Cans will be available in 355 mL and 473 mL and available across Canada - just in time for summer.

Read the full press release.

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